21 days challenge - June 2021

This 21 days challenge is designed like a mini-program to equip you with tools to support a healthier and more meaningful lifestyle during these stressful times, less prone to distractions, probing into ourselves, strengthening our nervous system, taking care of our body and mind.

If you are feeling stuck in your life, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, it's probably because you have been doing things the same way over and over. You have been applying the same strategies that didn't work the first time, but you still try to force your way in and apply the same strategies. This does not work.

Why are so many men still living their life the same way, eating the same way, sleeping the way, consuming the same way, loving the same way, fucking the same way? Something needs to change, and, well, men don't like changes much, truth to be told.

Challenges have been flourishing during the lockdown situation around the world, especially in the men's world mostly because this is how boys grow: through challenges. "I bet you can't climb this fence!" says the boy to his friend. Or "I bet I can run faster than you to the tree over there...3...2...1...go!"

Rings a bell?

Challenges with competitive aspects are necessary for masculine growth, we see that process in all ancient traditional cultures, but this is not the only ingredient for a healthy masculine. Too much competition, or only competition, feeds the male ego bringing rivalry with others which quickly leads to separation from others. Me versus all. It is important to bring an antidote to this. Or we risk living a performant life but a very lonely one in which our acquaintances are merely the reflection and a constant reminder of our hegemony over them. Feeding our ego: the predator. Or, it might be a miserable life, feeling forever the weakest, the last one, the slowest, where a constant comparison (which reflects this competition aspect) with other men wears us down daily. Which also feeds our ego: the victim.

One way or the other, there is no way out from this lonely life if we stay rooted in competition and comparison.

For a healthy masculine to emerge and thrive, we need to add cooperation, otherwise called brotherhood. We healthily can compete against each other, and we also are present for each other when anyone needs us. We also are accountable for one another. We can count on each other support to have our back instead of being in a lone wolf mindset.

I created this challenge with that spirit in mind so that guys can share, connect, and support each other along the journey. Every one is generously invited to share their progress and give feedback on a daily basis in the dedicated WhatsApp group.

To be able to connect with others is first and foremost rooted in our ability to (re-)connect with ourselves. This is an utmost important phrase to read three times and let sink in ourselves. To connect with the outside world, we need to connect with ourselves first. When a man asks how to connect with others, it is primarily because he is not connected to himself.

These 21 days offers ways to (re-)connect to our body and mind with a band of brothers, through exercises that are all pointing in that direction.

May you have a grounded and loving journey!


Link to week 1

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