Training for Men
Become the Brave Heart Man the world needs

It all starts and ends with you

What if you could live with nothing to hide, nothing to prove, and nothing to fear?
What if you could live with clarity and purpose?
Do you want to love well?
What if you could be open and assertive with men and women?
Are you owned by your emotions, or do you own them?
Do you want to know yourself deeper?
Do you want to take responsibility in your life?
Some things are within our control,
and some are not.
Take responsibility for your life now.

The Program

The Brave Heart Men Program is a 9-week training for men carefully designed to address yourself through self-inquiry and to set you on a path of transformation toward a more meaningful version of yourself.
It's about:


Make your own growth a non-negotiable priority, every aspect of your life will become better - with more clarity, purpose, and meaning.

Reclaim your heart and emotions

Reconnect to yourself in all your glory by making a fearless step into the process of self-awareness, self-appreciation, and self-love. It is by embracing our emotions that your life becomes more whole.

The end of the lone-wolf era

If you want to go quickly, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.
- African Proverb

Join growth-oriented men.

Solid yet Gentle

Cultivate an unwavering and gentle presence that provides safety and structure to all your relationships.

Get Inspired to grow, connect with other men

We are open to committed men.

What to expect

In this program, you'll directly experience the essence of men's work through traditional and modern tools. You will come out physically fitter, emotionally stronger, mentally more stable, spiritually more potent, with new healthy habits in your life.


Breathwork along with a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual program to set you on a transformational journey.

Course Portal

Access to a course portal with 9 modules, resources, and bonuses. Every week includes inspiring reading, teaching, assignments, practices.


You don't have to do the work alone. Grow with your tribe.


A private FB Group to stay connected with the other men of the program.

Weekly meeting

Weekly connection with like minded-men.

Weekly assignments

Specific practices and written assignments to address yourself.

Weekly workout

Come train with us every Saturday morning. Strength training, movement, self-defense, and martial arts.

Individual Session

A 40-minutes One-on-One session

This program is for

For men ready to work on

What is a Brave Heart Man?

unapologetically loves. a warrior. a lover. cultivates presence. lives from the cultivated alignment of mind, heart, and guts. assertive and grounded in his balls. open and feeling from his heart. stills his mind. loves fiercely without holding back. honors and protects the feminine and children. a gentleman. takes full responsibility for his life. connected to Nature. honors and learns from death. reunites his primal aspect with his Divine aspect.

Behind the Program

About Christophe

Christophe is a senior full-stack developer, a spiritual seeker, a martial art instructor, a men's group facilitator, a men's coach, and a meditation guide.

Since 2008, Christophe has been engaged in spiritual work. Mostly, traditional Yoga philosophy/practices, Tibetan Buddhism philosophy/practices, the school of meditation Clairvision, and, more recently, Zen Buddhism.

Since 2011, Christophe has been dedicated his time to learning and practicing Kali, a Filipino martial arts, and Wing Chun, a Chinese martial art. He now loves teaching both arts to anyone open to learn and practice. Martial arts practice and philosophy is meeting men's work very well to cultivate the Warrior self-mastery.

In 2016, invested in a challenging relationship, Christophe acknowledged that he needed help to become a better lover, a question that spiritual work doesn't really address. 

How to love well a woman? What does a woman desire? What does a man desire? How to address this lack of relationship with men? How to provide a safe space for a woman's expression? How to be open and assertive? How to stay strong and vulnerable at the same time? How to connect deeper? What is a nice guy? How to stop being a nice guy? What is masculine power? And how to reclaim it? What is healthy sexuality? What is purpose? How to handle emotions? 

So many questions that no standard education system is answering out there, that men think they have to figure out by themselves.

Over the past three years, Christophe engaged in men's work and has been fortunate to work with amazing men's teachers like John Wineland participating in his EMLT 8 months program in 2017-2018, Robert A. Masters doing 1on1 deep psychospiritual work in 2018 and his men's group full week immersive, Jason Lange participating into his Pillars of Presence program in 2019, Amir Khalighi participating into this MIIR program in 2020. Dedicated to his personal growth, he recently took the Authentic Relating Training Level 1 - The Art of Being Human - with Rick Smith in 2020.

Committed to supporting men's growth, his men's group is running weekly in Singapore since April 2018 to provide a safe space for men to share what is real in their life. This group started out of Christophe's acknowledgment that he would have loved to know about and find a men's circle when he needed it the most in his life, especially during his divorce. 

He is now committed to fully supporting men's growth with this program, born out of his personal experiences and practices.

Now is the time for men
to come together


I know it can be a bit intimidating at first. I was there as well. This program is a perfect place for you to start. The program is laying down for you all the foundations. You will receive support from other men of the group. And I've got you :)

Men's work is a doorway to reclaim your Masculinity in the most sacred way. 

It provides a safe container to address yourself on an emotional, mental, and spiritual levels, to get challenged, supported, and nurtured by other men.

The program will challenge you with weekly assignments, daily and weekly practices, weekly meetings, weekly workouts with the other men of the program, a private FB group, alumni meetings, and a 40 minutes coaching session with me.

This is for any man, above 25 years, who - wants to grow - is ready to work on himself.

- No prerequisites other than being open-minded and open-hearted -

Upon reception of your application form, we will schedule with you a free 15 min. introduction call - to connect with each other - to clarify any questions you might have regarding the program.

Upon reception of your login and password, you will access to module 1.

Each week, for 9 weeks, a new module will be available containing the theme of the week, the assignments, and the practices.

  • The program not only feeds me with knowledge but the accountability and environment created by Christophe made it safe to actually practice and apply this knowledge - whether its deep inner self-work, reflection, or practices.

  • The Brave Heart Men Program is a journey with other men who also want to explore and push their own boundaries. At times it feels like a group ascent onto an unknown mountain peak. Each member will find their own struggles at different stages of the climb. However the hike is done with a group, so you dont feel lonely at all. During the climb, you see some of the struggles that others face, and you also develop an admiration and respect for others. Last but not least, you also develop love and respect for yourself.

  • Men need to be with other good men to grow. This platform has provided just that. Week after week, the materials shared, the group activities done, the encouragement and feedback from other men has helped me to grow. Many of us have become better husbands, boyfriends, sons, brothers, fathers and leaders in our own lives. If growth as a man is what you are seeking, this group is right for you.

  • The BHM program has provided me with so much inner clarity with depth in discovering the underlying dynamics that govern my relationships with people and myself. It is so liberating and impactful to me. How wish there is such a program when I am younger. It would have shortened my learning curve of my life's lesson plan. Thank you Christophe and my fellow program mates who have contributed to my quantum growth.

  • Seeking growth as a man and to have someone point me in the right direction towards becoming a man. Initially it wasn't so much the group as I was hesitant, but it turns out that the interaction with the group was what kept me growing!

  • My significant growth and understanding of myself and how it has helped me navigate the life struggles and concerns. The collective sharing from other men and the support structure has also shorten my learning curve and helped me to uncover recurring patterns that have hampered my relationships with others.


Welcome Brother!

In 9 weeks, yes! you can transform your life, you can change your habit patterns in your actions, your thoughts, and emotions. As we will see in this program, you can take responsibility for your reality.

Applications are open!

Next program starts on Thursday 30th September 2021.