21 days challenge week 3

Objectives for the week: Building flexibility and stamina, bringing some self-love to our life..

Download Your 21 days challenge BHM - Week 3 Tracker

Morning protocol


You are welcome to continue with IF and/or the mini digital detox from the previous weeks to see even more benefits from them and really imprint new habits in your system. And be patient with your body to bear the fruits; we have trained it badly for years. It will take a bit of time, patience to shift back his internal clock.

Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations)

Sun Salutations are just perfect to build flexibility, mobility, stamina and strength and is a meditation in movement.

Watch this instructional video which details the 12 steps for 1 Surya Namaskar if you don't already know how to perform one.

Once the instructions understood, we will perform 6 reptitions (aim for 12 repetitions if your fitness level is good) Surya Namaskar. Roughly, performing 1 Sun Salutation lasts about 30-40 seconds. Focus on synchronizing your breathing with the movement, as explained in each of the steps in the video.



Keeping on keeping with Wim Hof Beginner version.


In the middle of the week, during our morning meetings, we are going to step up our game with this extended version - it's adding a 4th round with a 2 min. retention challenge.


Evening protocol


This week, we make sure to see the sky enjoying a walk of 30 minutes every day. I'd suggest enjoying it just after work, to unwind from your day, making yourself ready for a restful evening and some me-time; If a corner of nature is accessible for you, that's even better. If you want a bit more of challenge, you can start practicing "rucking". Rucking is simply walking with weight. During your walk, you will carry a backpack with about 5% (recommended weight percentage for beginner) of your weight inside it. For instance, if you weight 80Kg your backpack will contain 4Kg. You can use books and water bottles :)


With the list of triggers you came up with last week, you still can still work through this week, and I would actually recommend this inventory for a month.

For this week, let's use the previous list to dive deeper; Take each revealed trigger and complete the prompt: "The story I am telling myself about this is..."

Let's say you have been triggered by a "no" from your friend.

Complete the sentence: The story I am telling myself about this is...

Do not try to analyse nor understand nor connect with the past. Stay present with the feeling emerging from saying out loud the sentence. Really stay with your story to bring it to the surface of your consciousness. This will show you how in fact you are reacting to the perceptions of what happened and not to what happened.


Write yourself a letter for future support.

You can title it: “Read this if you are going through a hard time.” In your letter, share your wisdom with yourself, based on week's 2 journaling about your self-criticism, anticipating the patterns that may emerge, and offering yourself the perspective from your own centre. If you like, you can start the letter with “Dear (your name) and end it with “Love, (your name).

Download Your 21 days challenge BHM - Week 3 Tracker