Nature Time

You often hear me mentioning the practice of spending alone time in Nature during our men's group sessions throughout the pandemic as the best way to keep sane.

We don't need any scientific studies to tell us how restoring and reconnecting it is to spend time in Nature. By experience when we were a child, we just knew it into our bones and flesh.

If Nature time has such a potent effect on human beings, it's because we belong to Nature. We are Nature in our every cell, atoms, energy, vibrations and frequencies.

As such, there is so much more available in reconnecting with Great Grandmother Earth. By returning to her again, you will soon never go to her because you want to escape your reality. You will go because you seek to return to the human world with the benefits of her teaching, empowerment and vision. She will offer you a temporary haven to clarify your life purpose. She will show you all the gifts and resources available to you.

Treat her with reverence, and she will reverence you.