21 days challenge week 2

Objectives for the week: Digital detox, strengthen our body, bring awareness to some aspects of our daily life.

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Morning protocol


No screen time during the first hour following your waking up for those who are not joining the morning practice video call.

No screen time after 830 pm.

No checking phone or social media or emails in the toilets, no tablet, no computer, no electronic devices.

Rest your eyes, rest your mind, look around, go on your balcony and look at the (night) sky, go into nature and look at greenery are simple yet powerful ideas that will help to rest our stressed mind and strained eyes.

For evening time, I would recommend reading, journaling, meditating and connecting with anyone available in your environment.

Recommended books easy to read in a week:

Tuesdays with Morrie

The peaceful way of the warrior


Chess story

IF 16/8

How was last week IF protocol for you?

If you feel like continuing the IF 16/8 protocol the second week, you are most welcome to. No obligation. See what feels right for yourself.

Take some reflective time and notice your immediate reaction after reading this. Do you feel relieved to be able to go back to your old way and habits of eating? Do you feel challenged to continue? Do you feel a resistance to pursuing the IF protocol? What has been your body and mind reaction to the IF protocol during the previous week?

Define your own goals in integrity with yourself and not from a reactive place.


Let's keep riding the wave of week 1.


Evening protocol


As we mentioned in the health chapter, no screen time after 8 pm - no computer, no tablet, no phone. Only Kindle would be allowed. And exception for the guys who are joining any online courses or our online men's group video calls on Tuesday's.


I am all about building actionable and endurable strength for our daily life using bodyweight exercises, outdoors if possible and not in between 4 walls.

Our workout days during this week will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday for guys with a low level of fitness and stamina. Everyone is starting from somewhere.

For guys already having some good fitness level, they can do this workout on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Resting on Saturday and Sunday.

Important health note: If you have any heart known problem, please consult a doctor before engaging in this intense workout.

We will be implementing the Tabata protocol, which is a High-Intensity Interval Training. HIIT basically means that we train intensively for a short period of time and immediately rest for an even shorter period of time. Rinse and repeat. The Tabata protocol is an extremely efficient way to build stamina, strength, and endurance quickly. It is efficient because it only takes 4 minutes for one round, and the results are quick to show up. It will kick your metabolism in the best way possible.

At any time of the day, at least 1 hour away from any meal taking, we will do 2 sets of Tabata. One set consists of 8 rounds of 20 seconds of high-intensity exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest.

2 sets of:

Round I: 20 sec of burpees (without the pushup) / followed by 10 sec rest

Round II: 20 sec of plank to pushup / followed by 10 sec rest

Round III: 20 sec of dynamic forward lunges / followed by 10 sec rest

Round IV: 20 sec of jumping jack / followed by 10 sec rest

Round V: 20 sec of squats / followed by 10 sec rest

Round VI: 20 sec of mountain climbers / followed by 10 sec rest

Round VII: 20 sec of high knee / followed by 10 sec rest

Round VIII: 20 sec of russian twists / followed by 10 sec rest

You can follow along this online timer: https://www.tabatatimer.com/

2 sets of 4 minutes for a total workout duration of 8 minutes only. Take 1 min of rest in between the 2 sets. You are done!

Try to get your meal in the following next hour to provide recovery food to your body.


Every evening for the next 7 days, find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed, and treat this time as a sacred ritual reflective time with yourself.

1st journaling practice

We will take time to reflect on our day by answering the following prompts:

  • Today, I was triggered by / when...
  • Today, I reacted because...
  • Today, I numbed out when...

Not looking at the possible reasons or the "stories" that might come up, just write down what triggered you during the day with the objectives to know yourself better and better, not to fix yourself. It is totally ok to get triggered, it is an acknowledgment of the pain you've been through in the past.

2nd journaling practice

Make an inventory of your self-judgment and inner-critics.

This inner-voice that keeps nagging you even in moment of achievement or victory, that keeps pushing you down need to be exposed. Be thorough, and honest, every evening come back to your list and complete it.

The point is the following: To move away from your self-judgment, you must know it and confront it.

Make 3 columns following this structure:

The self-judgmentHow it makes you feelIt's origin(s)


The self-judgmentHow it makes you feelIt's origin(s)
I am not importantI feel small, useless and insignificantlack of support and encouragement during childhood
I don't know how to feel and express my emotionsI shut down during challenging discussions, can't speak, feel ashamedduring childhood, I never saw or be modeled how emotions could be expressed healthily.

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