What is Integrity?

What is Integrity?

The word integrity comes from the word Integer which means one, whole, undivided. So, being in integrity means that our whole being, our body, heart, mind and spirit are aligned saying the same thing.

For example, when you are saying that you are feeling okay and that in reality you are uncomfortable, you are out of your integrity.
Our society, our culture imprinted in us over the years this particular way of being polite and conform at the price of our authenticity and integrity. Each time we pretend feeling something and actually feeling another, it destabilizes our very own ground of being, creating internal misalignment.

Doing the Work is to find our integrity, to find what is true for yourself at your deepest level.

When we are truly aligned with ourselves, our body feels really relaxed free from of any tensions, our heart feels more open, engaded and connected, our mind feels a sense of rightness, and our spirit bears a sense of freedom.

Holding integrity, having integrity, being in integrity means the capacity to withstand Fire. Fire as in pressure, social medias, culture, education, family, friends, challenges, intensity of an experience, intensity of emotions and feelings that are flaring up, holding integrity is being capable to hold this fire and stay grounded in yourself, authentic, and whole.

Having integrity is deep work into self-awareness and self-knowledge and most of all it is a commitment to the Truth.