Online conversations

The Work documentary

We have been projecting two times this documentary on men's group and men's work done in prison in USA. Full of heart touching and wrecked stories by men spending a long time if not their entire rest of lifetime in prison and commited to change their story with the support of other men.

Step Inside the Circle documentary

Another documentary on men in prison in USA doing the inner-work.

The Wisdom of Trauma documentary

Gabor Mate at the centre of this groundbreaking documentary on understanding and healing trauma. Childhood being at the heart of adult trauma, he is helping to educate parents towards understanding the need of their children to avoid or minimise future trauma.

Emotional and Spiritual Maturity

Gabor Mate is intereviewing the spiritual teacher Adyashanti.

Tim Ferris Show

Tim is interviewing Gabor Mate, fascinating and insightful conversations.

Understanding Trauma

Gabor Mate is talking about trauma and what addiction is.