Invitation for a
Free In-Person Men's Workshop
3rd July 2022 - 2pm to 6pm
A unique opportunity in Singapore to experience men's work
first-hand with other like minded-men.
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Welcome to Men's Work

Men, you don't have to figure out everything on your own!

You are not alone!

Men are seeking answers on why they keep repeating the same patterns in their intimate relationships, why they feel stuck in their life, how to handle feminine intense emotions. They want to fix their external circumstances in order to changes their internal experiences. Men's work is inner-work with a tribe of like minded-men aiming at shifting the paradigm "I will be free/fulfilled when (fill in the blank for yourself)".
What is blocking you to be free/fulfilled right now?

Men's Work is aiming at supporting modern men in their life purpose, in their romantic relationhips, in their sexual life, and in their growth journey. It is a safe environment to learn, practice and grow with other men wanting to connect on a deeper level.
Overall, Men's work support men's journey towards an inner alignement to their core values from a grounded and expanded heart place.
"Men's work is a journey to free men from the expectations of society and align every men with who they know they can be."
- Christophe

What to expect

In this 4-hour workshop, you'll directly experience the essence of men's work through traditional and modern tools. You will be challenged and supported throughout practices designed to develop your emotional intelligence, expand your self-awareness, embody your masculinity, uplift your spiritual connexion within, and you will take away tools with you.


Breathworks, meditations, Qi Qong, pair pratices, and embodiment practices to set you on your unique transformational journey.

Open Conversations

What is masculinity? What does it mean to me a man today? What is the role of polarity between the feminine and masculine? What is your Life purpose and why it is important. What is presence? What is Shadow work? What are some important masculine archetypes? Why emotional awareness and literacy are important?


You don't have to do the inner-work alone. Learn, Share and Grow with a tribe through targeted assignment.

Complimentary Session

A Free 30-minutes discovery coaching session with me.

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Your Facilitator

About Christophe

Hi, I am first and foremost a human being dedicated to living a full-fledged life. I am also an entrepreneur, a senior full-stack developer, a truth-seeker, a martial art (always) student and instructor, a men's group facilitator, a men's coach, and a meditation guide. I love to spend time learning about everything and anything. And I love practicing!

Since 2008, I have been engaged in spiritual work and I am so grateful to have worked and trained with incredible human beings. Mostly, traditional Yoga philosophy/practices, Tibetan Buddhism philosophy/practices, the school of meditation Clairvision, and, more recently, Zen Buddhism.

Since 2011, I have dedicated my time to learning and practising Kali, a Filipino martial arts, and Wing Chun, a Chinese martial art. I now love teaching both arts to anyone open to learning and practising. Martial arts practice and philosophy is a perfect tool for men's work to cultivate their inner Warrior energy through self-mastery.

In 2016, invested in a challenging relationship, I acknowledged that I needed help to become a better lover, heal my shadows, and learn to be with very intense emotions; questions that spiritual work doesn't really address. 

How to love well a woman? What does your woman desire? What do you as a man desire? How to express it in a healthy way? How to provide a safe space for a woman's expression? How to be with intense emotions and hold space for your partner? How to be open and assertive? How to stay strong and vulnerable at the same time? How to connect deeper? What is the nice guy syndrome? How to stop being a nice guy? What is masculine power? And how to reclaim it? What is healthy sexuality? What is purpose? What is a shadow?

So many questions that no standard education system, nor the current culture and social environment is answering out there! So many challenges that men think they have to figure out by themselves, that I thought for more than 40 years that I had to figure things out on my own! I was, what we call, a lone wolf!

Since 2017, I engaged in men's work and have been fortunate to work with amazing men's teachers like John Wineland (David Deida lineage) in participating in his EMLT 8 months program in 2017-2018, Robert A. Masters doing 1on1 deep psychospiritual work in 2018 and his men's group full week immersive, Jason Lange participating into his Pillars of Presence program in 2019, Amir Khalighi participating into this MIIR program in 2020. Dedicated to his personal growth, he recently took the Authentic Relating Training Level 1 - The Art of Being Human - with Rick Smith in 2020. He is currently (2022) working toward his certification in professional coaching with the International Organisation IPEC. He is also trained and believes in the powerful IFS (Internal Family Systems) for coaches developed by Dr Richard Schwartz.

Committed to supporting men's growth, I am running a free men's group on a weekly basis in Singapore since April 2018. Its purpose is to provide a safe space for men to share what is real in their life. This group started out by acknowledging that I would have loved to know about such a group and find a men's circle when I needed it the most in my life, especially during my divorce back in 2002 during which I felt alone, unequipped and not supported to go through all the emotional challenges.

I am now committed to fully supporting men's growth with this 9-week program and workshops, lovingly and consciously baked from my personal experiences and practices.

All Glory to the Teachers!

If you are a woman,
Thank you in advance for
your loving support toward men!

If you are a woman seeing the workshop as a gift to offer to your male partner or your male friend(s), please consider this carefully before introducing him to the workshop:

- only and only if you are 1000% okay with him saying "No Thank you!",
- without shaming him, without emasculating him, without making him feel that anything is wrong with him,
- as an opportunity to connect with other men,
- because you love him and support him to be the best version of himself.

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